Content Marketing On A Budget

Content is the most significant part of any marketing activity – it drives new leads, builds relationships and allows you to establish and share your brand. Yet often it happens that lack of budget prevents small companies from developing and implementing a strong content strategy.

In our latest Twitter chat, we wanted to learn how to create compelling content while keeping a company’s budget in mind. Let’s look at some money-saving tips for content marketers, advice on outsourcing, automation of some content processes and much more with our participants and special guest, content marketing consultant Brian Honigman, CEO of Honigman Media.

Every business, however limited its resources are, wants to implement its content marketing strategy with the most success possible. Let’s find out what the very minimum is for a successful start.

In the first place a business needs a platform to place the most important information about the company. “Product/services page and contact us/location page are the content essentials for small business” – Steve Hill ‏@epiclysteve. The best choice is a well-optimized website with quality content.

Another way to carry out your content strategy is to start a blog, which could either serve as an alternative to your website or an addition. A thoughtful blog with targeted and frequently updated content drives constant traffic and keeps your audience coming back.

Whatever means you choose for posting and distributing your content, an effective strategy starts with researching and understanding your audience and planning content that will resonate with them. As Denise Vereker ‏@DeniseVereker advises, “know what your audience wants to read about. No point writing about something they are not going to read.” 


Who are your target personas? What are their main concerns and pains? Provide them with help – start an FAQ section, provide comprehensive guides and create content that answers their questions and deals with their most common problems.

To learn more about planning your content marketing budget, check out this article shared by Brian Honigman ‏@BrianHonigman: How Much Should Your Content Marketing Really Cost.The bare minimum for content marketing Content distribution strategies Social media is deservedly considered the most powerful promotional channel. But what if your company doesn’t have enough followers to distribute content efficiently through social networks? There are plenty of websites that you can use to deliver your content to people who might be interested in it. As Reva Minkoff ‏@revaminkoff  advices: “Use sites that have existing audiences like @reddit and other content-based sites.”


A good way to reach your potential customers is to find out where they hang out online and interact with them via Twitter chats, forums, etc. Guest blogging on niche blogs is another solution, provided that you post quality, useful content.


You can also reach your audience through email marketing strategy and newsletters.


Collaborate with industry influencers that can distribute your content with their audiences. Interviews with experts, guest posts and webinars with expert guests are all perfect opportunities to engage influencers in content creation. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean a lengthy interview – almost any piece of content can be enriched with small quotes, tips and advice from relevant influencers.


You can develop a partnership on mutually beneficial terms not only with influencers but with other businesses: “They can share your blogs & you can give their customers special discounts (or some trade)” – Diana Mackie ‏@Diana_at_Work.


And don’t forget about your own company’s employees:


Content distribution strategies

Outsourcing content marketing processes

Doing everything on your own is hard. And sometimes, due to a lack of time, resources or knowledge, we have to outsource part of our working processes.